File Transfer programms.

Since you have an account at AccessNet, you can transfer files from specilized hosts in the InterNet.
Anonymous FTP is simply the convention of allowing FTP connections from anyone who logs in as "anonymous" or "ftp" and uses their e-mail address for the password.

If you are dialed in with a regular communication program, to pull a file to AccessNet you can transfer file via "menu" command or from the command line "ftp", "ncftp", "lynx".
Then use Zmodem or Kermit to transfer it to your PC.
You can also use "zmftp" - to receive file from remote host using the Internet File Transfer Protocol and transmit it to the client side using the Zmodem file transfer protocol.

FTP Notation

You may read in different sources about ftp sites and how to get files. Here are three common examples of naming an ftp resource. All three references point to the same file in different ways.

A web reference:

An ftp reference:

The chatty reference:

"at a site called you can pick up /pub/msdos/koi8/dos-cyr.arj"

Using "ftp".

From shell prompt exec command - ftp
Enter username - ftp or anonymous
Enter password - [email protected]
Use ftp commands.

Here is an example.

Using "FTP menu Item".

Choose FTP menu item, enter hostname -
Use ftp commands.

Here is an example.

Using "ncftp".

From shell prompt exec command - ncftp
Use ftp commands.

Or from shell prompt just exec command - ncftp

Here is an example.

Using "lynx".

From shell prompt to get text file exec command - lynx

From shell prompt to get binary file exec command - lynx
Select file you need by cursor movement.
Press "d" to download file.
Agree with prompt "Save to disk".
Enter or agree wtih file name.
Press "q" to quit linx.

Here is an example.