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Thu Dec 25 13:17:54 MSK 1997 Fixed missing pages (I hope!).

Sat Dec 20 19:58:20 MSK 1997 It looks like the life consists only of crashes. Half of my site is damaged. I have a backup copy but cannot install it right now :( Links and other thingies can be defunct :(

Sun Nov 9 13:42:52 MSK 1997 Ouch. Finally I restored my site after long downtime.

I'm setting up new design. It's my first experience with photoshop, so glitches are floating around... tell me about 'em. Bazaar on Deva mud is dead, looks like we both gave up :(

My sites

  • Firearms in Russia: laws and history, 2 years of development;
  • HALYAVA.RU, free homepage hosting server -- it's a big fun to create and manage such system... at least I get really needed BOFHihs skills ;-);
  • Russian part of this site, in koi-8, alternateive and windows encoding;
  • Russian woodcarving gallery. Under construction more than year, but I hope to finish it someday;
  • Erebor homepage, a page, dedicated to Erebor culture in Elendor MUSH. It's my first mush, I've started my character Brake in Dec 1994 and still playing it!;
  • Russian MUSH FAQ, in koi-8, alternateive and windows encoding. I'm the maintainer of this FAQ in fidonet RU.GAME.MUD echo. Cyrillic only!;
  • Brief information about me;
  • Why I'm not married yet? Solely my point of view. You were warned;
  • A small collection of english obscene limericks. If you don't like them, don't follow this link. You may be offended by its contents. Be warned and don't flame me -- those little silly verses are helping me to study english;
  • Nick Perumov's tale, "Russian sword", available in koi-8, alternative and windows encoding. Cyrillic only! Published on the web with author's permission;
  • My search engines collection

My FTP archive, rather empty

  • Shell and perl scripts (shell archive) for setting standard design for all pages and solving koi-8/alt/win problem.
  • Small collection of useful FAQs from usenet;
  • Other stuff;

Interesting links

Table RPG stuff:
  • TSR homepage;
  • MPGN WWW and FTP sites;
  • SJ Games homepage;
  • Eternal Soldier, a universal role playing system;
My favourite MUDS:
  • Multi-Trek, the real time 3D (but text mode) game (only telnet needed);
  • Arctic MUD, strictly based on the Dragonlace theme;
  • Elendor MUSH, strictly based on the "Lord of the Rings" (I have a character in Elendor since Dec '94);
  • Kobra LPMud, based on the StarWars theme;
  • Deep Space MUSE, based on the Startrek series;
  • Surf Point, nice place to surf the web;
  • Another place to surf -- ;
  • Susanna Buffo, web designer from Italy... she made an excellent Link Exchange logo for me. Many thanks, Susanna! Here is a link to her company's site, Giardino Italiano;
  • Search Mania, lots of search links;
  • Mike Dunk's Woodcarver Gallery;
  • Figlet, descendant of the unix utility 'banner'.

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Here is some blah blah from Internet Link Exchange. Pretty useless stuff, but I keep it here since I started my account year ago. You ask why useless? 'Cause I showed alot of banners and damn good banners to no avail. The only winner is ILE. Oh well.

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