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My name is Roman Valeryevich Isaev. I was born in Moscow, September 1971. Somewhere around 1986 my father showed me one of the first computers in Moscow Oil Institute (now Oil and Gas Academy). It was PDP-11 clone called Mera-60, made in Poland. And this event changed my life... while I was in school I learned Fortran IV, Pascal and got basic knowledge in PDP assembler. In 1989 I finished school and passed exams to MIREA, Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automatics.

In first day in MIREA we were dumped into Unix and were taught to program in C. Well, those who wanted to learn, learned. Who did not want to learn, didn't. First years we were able to get as much machine time as we wanted. Year later we got access to IBM PC/XT machines and had alot of fun. For example, we wrote an implementation of GKS standard, we made part of ADA compiler (did not finish it, but what the heck), I wrote a virus (yeah, it sounds bad, but I never let it go out from my machine) and we learned alot. Not from teachers though. Their lectures can be separated into two categories: "difficult math" and "silly". First category was kinda useless and second was really silly, because usually we knew more than our teachers.

After three years of learning in MIREA so-called "perestroika" changed everything. Everybody who had _any_ knowledge in anything hastily left underpaid education, leaving as teachers only dumb and bully old men, who twenty years ago were leading specialists. In 1992 we were forced to study IBM 360/370 [sic] and design schemes for PDP microprocessors. Another example, our leading teacher did not know how to go from window to window in the editor, but demanded everybody to know all editor commands and finally set up exam where using help was prohibited. I've locked up on the Shift-F8 combination :) In accident in 1993 I suffered brain concussion and when I left hospital and returned to institute I became a pawn in the game between some bosses and did not learn since. It was worst time in my life, because of sitting hours in queues and signing huge amount of silly official papers.

I spent 2 years trying to decide leave it or continue education, while working as a freelance programmer. I mainly did small database projects (like system for company doing business buying/selling apartments), setting up small nets based on FIDO software and doing antivirus consulting. But the life of freelance programmer is not pretty, when grabbing good money and then sitting several months without a job is a typical activity , so in 1996 I started looking for a more stable job and finally found it in Techno Center Plus (it was an ISP compay, later it went out of ISP business and transformed into another company, called SK Trade... a little later our network section became a part of ServoComp). And I quit institute, because now its diploma doesn't worth the paper spent for it. Probably later I'll try to find another oranisation to make a paper about my high-level education, but not now. I shiver when I think about visiting lectures again...

Currently I'm writing perl and tcl/tk scripts (interaction with Oracle), maintaining servers of the company, maintaining DNS, sometimes changing my homepage and translating some parts of Bolotin's and Fedorof's monographies for "Firearms in Russia" page. Also I love to play some MUDs and MUSHes. Sometimes I'm enjoying chip woodcarving (I hope to make a page with my works soon), but I carve rarely and usually in bad mood. Also I love to shoot tin cans from my air pistol IZH-53M, but since I'm nearsighted I rarely hit anything farther than 5 meters from me :)

I'm Fidonet member since May 1993, my addresses are: 2:5020/263.24 and 2:5020/193.11.

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