Here is a post from Erebor board, by Arawn@Elendor. Enjoy.

Hello, Khazad, your Lorekeeper here with a word on TinyPlots. A TP is basically a framework built to engender RP, what we love to do and what we all log on for. So how does one go about this TP business, and what makes a good one? A TP starts with an idea . For example, "I know! I'll take this uncut gem I recently came into possession of and have it set in the haft of my battleaxe." Sounds pretty simple, huh? Pretty...tiny? Well, thats the root of it. TPs dont have to be grandoise and world-sweeping events . These do come along, of course. For instance there is a Not-so-Tiny-Plot in development right now that will most likely plunge the entire east into war, and involve every culture from Rhun to Lorien.

Of course, a multitude of TPs will be spawned by this "campaign". No matter what the scale of the idea you have, the next step is organizing it. In the case of the first TP above, you would consider what other players you could involve. Someone to cut the gem, someone to set it on the axehaft, obviously. Th ere is RP, right there! You could expand it, of course. How did you acquire the gem? Mabye someone is looking for it! Or perhaps you have an enemy that covets it. Maybe you want the axe dedicated by a priest, or registered as an heirloom... more and more people are potentially getting involved in this seemingly minor TP. In addition to general postings to the +dooc TPboard and your cultures msgboard, you might consider mailing specific players that you have considered for key roles in your TP. A TP is by design a fluid, dynamic entity. Most TPs end up looking rather diffe rent from when they were first thought up. It is a successful TP that remains flexible, allowing for new vectors of RP, plotsplits, new elements, etc.

I hope this article helps those out there yearning for RP but unsure of what to do about it. The key: ma ke your own RP! From the simplest TP, as above with the axe, to the most all-encompassing, like the war mentioned above, all TPs start with one idea in one persons head: and that person took that idae, and using the steps I've outlined, breathed RP life i nto it, for everyones enjoyment. If anyone ever has any questions concerning these things, do not hesitate to contact myself or your Local Administrators. And remember: Have Fun!

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