Why I'm not married yet?

vagina dentata

Doh! While this picture doesn't reflect my point of view, it carries a big part of it. Don't marry, be happy. Why? Because woman is a good thing (hey, feminists, don't tread on me!), but as soon as relationship starts, bad things happen. Any woman tries to own you, and it's bad. Worse, she tries to change you, and it's unbearable. Majority of my friends are divorced. Every time when I ask "Why you married, I thought she was an obvious bitch?" I hear something like "Yes, but I was so blind...". So I just don't want to jump into this trap and get trapped in it for the rest of my life.

Another thing to worry about is alimony. Ok, let's say man and woman tried to make a family, and failed miserabily. After year of housefighting and cursing they go to the court... who loose? Man. Why? Especially if woman was the source of the whole trouble? Only because she is a weaker gender? Who works? Man. Why next ten years he must cut a big piece from his income only to feed this damn woman who ruined his life? No one will answer these questions... life isn't fair. Pretty girl can turn to Baba Yaga in just two years. I saw such process... *shiver*.

No, I'm not trying to avoid women :) I'm not a queer or something... just a careful man, who prefer to study his friend's errors instead of getting his own bad experience.

You said Love?

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