Emma Shapplin

Been born to Paris in the 1974 (musician).

Già to the age of nineteen years is dedicated to the song. It begins endured in a group hard rock. The encounter with Jean Patrick Capdevielle, former rockstar French of years ' 80, is revealed for fortunate she. He is he in fact to believe in its talent and to proporle the realization of a disc. Carmine Meo is born therefore, its first album that in France sells 200 mila copies. Its voice much modern classic warmth and s' interlaces to sonorità. But also to the contemporary ritmiche scandite downstairs and battery, to they time placed side by side from orchestrale instrumentation and operistici choruses. The witnesses of its songs riscoprono models and fundamental hinges of the Italian language. They steal therefore backs of Dante and Petrarch for riportarli to the light with an approach original. In this particular search they come recovered also some Latin witnesses. One Latin language rivisitata in musical key joining in himself elements classics and matrix pop.
" music of the words exceeds the literal meant one by far says the artist. Those that use I, do not belong to one died language, but to one language without time, like the feelings, the love first of all ".